10th Muse and Judo Girl have been asked to join a new card game! #Battledexx – More cards of our character coming soon! Excited to be a part of this.

We first designed Battledexx for our children, believe it or not. We wanted a way to drag our little demons away from the PlayStation and despite it being a more “Child Friendly” version, it worked and we ended up with a living room full of children screaming and shouting over a homemade, if crudely drawn, deck of cards. Ironically, the game was inspired by a videogame itself. Back nearly ten years or so, I like millions of others, was hooked on Final Fantasy VIII, and when you put aside all the wonderful imagery, hidden within the game was a subgame called “Triple Triad”. That is where the game mechanics of Battledexx originated. These days, we’ve altered it for entertainment purposes, so it’s somewhat different, But Final Fantasy fans will see it in there, and we pay great homage to the Final Fantasy series with nothing but a love for the series.

Check out for more characters here: Link to game

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