I get to work on some cool and unique projects. I am always trying to think outside the box of the traditional comic book marketplace. Single issue comic books don’t sell the way they used too anymore. Blame it on lack of new readers, the comic book movies, video games…sales are down from millions to 100,000 for the top comic books. It is a changing world and I always feel like I need to reinvent how people can enjoy egis medium. I have never turned my head on the fiction world – it still is my personal favorite! 

We have now taken some of our comic book scripts and made them into audio books. With the help of the award winning  The Colonial Radio Theatre on the air and producer Jerry Robbins we have adapted a bunch of these.

Colonial Radio Theatre is pretty amazing, they have adapted a bunch of our fiction titles into the old fashion radio dramas. They are also on SiriusXM Radio as well on Audible. From Logan’s RunWrath of the Titans to Vincent Price Presents, these are a lot of fun to listen too.

We have done audio biographies on Princess DianaMichael JacksonJustin BieberOne Direction and more!

Just finished ones on Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift. Both should be out in a couple weeks. The scripts have been updated to date by Michael Frizell

Here is one of the ones we have done.…/…/B00ISCX5LS

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