For the last 600 years, one character has stood the test of time: Robin Hood.  His story (if, in fact he were a real person or an amalgam or many men) has been mythologized and changed to reflect the times in which we live–he has been played as a gritty crusader returning home, a 1950s gangster, and a lovable and irascible fox.

We also have our own take on this enduring myth: Ken Janssens and Bob Gordon imagined a great adventure of the outlaw hero before he was an outlaw hero.

Check out Robin the Hood: Before the bow and arrow…before the Merry Men… before the legend, there was just Robin, a young man stealing to survive and support his uncle. —  ‪#‎welcometosherwood‬‪#‎merrymen‬ ‪#‎takefromtherich‬ ‪#‎givetothepoor‬

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