We have often promoted that comic books can be a gateway to reading—especially for reluctant readers. One of the more clever books that fit this category was actually written by a 13 year old girl (well, she was at the time). Of course, we are talking about Violet Rose–the adventures of a paranormal super sleuth form the 6th grade. Now here’s the really cool part…the writer Emma Davis, is now a 6th grade teacher herself at West Preparatory Academy !!!

At the time (about 12 years ago), she received a great deal of attention). I mean, how many 13 year olds are published authors. It is a strong story aimed at the pre-teen market, but for teachers, librarians and even parents, it can be a a great tool to engage children to read an age-appropriate tale or to inspire them to create stories of their own. They don’t have to be great artists, but the ability to synthesize a story or even to write one has a great impact on their ability to compose essays on much more complex topics down the road. Or more importantly, to break through that ceiling of getting reluctant students to enjoy reading.

So the moral of the story is not only can the comic book medium be used as a gateway for readers…but it is a wonderful opportunity to hone story telling craft. #readingisfundamental  Teacher Created Materials #comicsintheclassroom

You can see the graphic novel here:



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