Alice in Wonderland writer Lewis Carroll birthday!

Celebrate the birthday of Lewis Carroll who Created Alice in Wonderland 

and Through the Looking-Glass. Born today in 1832! Read more about him in the comic book biography!

The whimsical, nonsensical stories exploring the fantasy world of Alice started with the simple friendship between young, beautiful Alice Liddell and the kind and creative Lewis Carroll. This books is a tribute to both the artistic use of the language displayed in the stories and the influence they have on modern literature, media, and art.
Written by Michael L. Frizzell and art by Mark Stroud
Now on Amazon!
Also you can read Queen of Hearts comic book inspired by the Alice novels!
“Off with their head!” This phrase has echoed through history as the driving force behind one of the most memorable villains in all literature. But who is the Queen of Hearts really? The History of one of fantasies most iconic characters comes to life in this exciting new series from STORM Comics.


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