Over the years we have used an inspiration for the 10th Muse. From Sable – WWE, to Cindy Margolis to even Farrah Fawcett. As we mark her birthday today – I wanted to share this image with everyone.
As an AVID Charlie’s Angels 76-81 fan – I feel in love with this Angel! When I was looking to bring a new feel to the 10th Muse, we wanted to do a 1970’s version of the character. Farrah Fawcett was my 1st and only choice. We contacted her and she loved what we did with the concept. We were going to move forward but she got ill, so this never went anywhere beyond the concept.
Lucky as as a small child, I got the chance of meeting her while they were filming Charlie’s Angels in my hometown of Westlake Village, California. I will never forgot that day – nor this amazing woman!
In this busy world – please take a moment to remember her today! (thanks to Mike Pingel for being one of the people to help with this).

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