Black History Month

With such a rich culture of important and influential leaders, African Americans have created a legacy and heritage that must not only be celebrated during Black History Month but every day. Whether it is imparted wisdom from Martin Luther King, Langston Hughes, Frederick Douglass or WEB Dubois, or inspirational ground-breakers like Jackie Robinson, Barack Obama Booker T Washington, and Harriet Tubman we need to be reminded that it isn’t black history being celebrate, but American history.

It is easy to remember and celebrate some of these more famous African Americans; but history is full of forgotten or overlooked names that deserve remembrance and honor: Phyllis Wheatley (the first published African-American female poet), or John Willis Menard (the first African American to win a seat in the US House of Rep); Elijah McCoy (whose inventions in the 19th century made steam engines more efficient); Ralph Bunche who won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1950 for mediating the Arab-Israeli truce; Sgt. William H. Carney who won a Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery during the Civil War.; Charles Drew inventor of the blood bank; Mae Jemison became the first black female astronaut in1992.

The point is our history has thousands of known and lesser known stories that make up the patchwork of the American Experience. And that is what we celebrate.
In honor of this, we offer a small token of thanks:…/digital-comic/44378

This is a graphic novel that focuses on some of the more modern leaders; Barack Obama Oprah Winfrey,  General Colin L. Powell,  Condoleezza Rice


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