Reality TV Star Andrew Shayde, from the Emmy award-winning The Amazing Race, will be appearing at The Heart of Texas Comic Convention this weekend.

Shayde who will be premiering his new comic book series Monsters Among Us will be signing autographs throughout the weekend at the Storm Entertainment booth.

A panel will be held on Saturday featuring Shayde speaking about what it was like to compete for a million dollars traveling around the world on The Amazing Race.

“Attending Heart of Texas Comic Book in Waco is the coolest dream come true. It’s kind of like it was being on The Amazing Race, an exciting adventure where I feel anxious, excited, nervous and I don’t know what to expect next,” says Shayde.

In Monsters Among Us urban legends are real. Billionaire Solomon Kane believes his family has been charged by God to rid of the world of mythical creatures. A mysterious crew comprised of gentle beasts including Bigfoot, a Chupacabra, and the Mothman must now unite and fight to survive.

“I’ve always had an inquisitive mind into the unknowns like Bigfoot and Loch Ness. These are what inspired the story of Monsters Among Us. I wanted to tell a story that could bring a handful of these mysterious creatures together in something that was fun and exciting but I also wanted a heavier message in it.” mentioned Andrew.

Storm Entertainment publisher and comic book creator Darren G. Davis will also be there signing exclusives of the Political Power Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders comic book biographies. Davis is also the creator of such titles as 10th Muse, Legend of Isis and the upcoming television program Insane Jane.

For more information about the Heart of Texas comic book:

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