Conspiracies. Espionage. UFOs. Hidden History. Secret Societies. The Paranormal. Beyond brings you stories about the secret and suppressed, the stories “They” don’t want you to know! Take the Red Pill and join your fearless host Virgil Hall as he takes you far, far down the rabbit hole to Beyond.

News and Reviews:

Edward Snowden now has his own comic book. Here’s a preview.  – THIS WEEK

Now it’s Edward Snowden the comic book – man who stole 1.7 MILLION classified documents and revealed NSA’s monitoring program is subject of ‘graphic novel’  – DAILY MAIL

Edward Snowden gets own comic book – USA TODAY

Edward Snowden, Comic-Book Hero – TIME MAGAZINE

Edward Snowden: Comic book superhero? – CNBC

Edward Snowden Will Soon Be A Comic Book Star – Business Insider

EDWARD SNOWDEN: As NSA leaker gets his own comic book today, the writer ‘leaks’ her inspiration and motivations – Washington Post

Edward Snowden stars in a comic book – CNET

Releases ‘Beyond: The Joker, The Man Who Laughs’ – ADWEEK

Brooklyn author pens Edward Snowden comic book  – New York Daily News

Written by: Valerie D’Orazio

Art by: Dan Lauer


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