God War

Darkness spreads for the goddess of love.  Venus struggles to pull her life together after the death of the man she treasures above all others, only to learn of a terrible scourge now growing deep inside her own body.  Then, the call comes.  Odyssey is mustered to confront evil happenings in the Underworld.  Hitherto one of the group’s most powerful members, Venus struggles to find her place.  Some view her as more of a liability as she copes with looming mortality.  Will she rise to the occasion, or put Odyssey at risk?  Join Venus, 10th Muse, Atlas, Orion, and Judo Girl as they descend into a Hell within Hell.  Join our heroes as they explore the true…Depths of Love.

Reviews and News:

God War #1-2 | Review

Comic Review: 10th Muse: God War – GEEKS OF DOOM

Writer: Kenton Daniels

Artist: Tsubasa Yozora

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