Nanny & Hank

Nanny & Hank were enjoying their golden years in a retirement community, planning trips to see their grandchildren, and living the simple life…until they cross paths with a blood-drunk vampire. Now their lives will never be the same in this miniseries that turns all expectations you have about horror on its ear.

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Fun Facts!

  1. Named for the paternal grandparents of the creator Darren G. Davis.
  2. All the creators family are inserted into the book – brother, mother and cousins!
  3. Horror with a Heart!
  4. The image where the teeth are in a glass in the bathroom – actually happened to the creator one night when he walked into the bathroom to find his grandmother’s teeth staring at him.
  5. Artist Steve Babb, also deigned the character designs for the spot-off series “Ruth & Freddy”
  6. Possible movie/ tv show in the works!

Writer: Mark L. Miller

Art by: Steve Babb

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