Ruth & Freddy

A spin-off from the Nany & Hank miniseries comes a new Horor with a heart.  Follow the high stakes adventures of rambunctous, wise-cracking grandparents Ruth and Freddy as they strive to understand why they’ve been brought back as zombies from the afterlife to save those they love from a global plague that threatens to engulf humanity when a cruel game of the Gods opens the gates of the underworld and the dead are unleashed upon the living to wreak havoc!

Written by: Darren G. Davis & Bobby Breed

Art by: Taylan Kurtulus & Daniel Cody

Ruth and Freddy Fun Facts:

  1. It was created after Nanny and Hank did well which was based on the creators paternal grandparents.
  2. Ruth and Freddy is named for the creators maternal grandparents
  3. We wanted to go with a funky type of art style on it – that was more gritty!

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