Tony & Cleo

Conjured from the pages of The Legend of Isis, StormFront introduces its newest female force– Cleopatra. From the swirling mists of time, emerges an ancient queen besieged by a host of modern problems. The clock is ticking as Cleo and her hard as nails bodyguard, Tony, discover a murderous plot by a mysterious threat. Meanwhile, a demented killer makes his presence know in the bowels of the city.

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Fun Facts:

  1. After Legend of Isis was sold to Paramount for a feature film, they dismantled it from the original source material.  Paramount made it a vehicle for Lindsay Lohan or Hillary Duff.  The changed it to be more of a teen film.  Tony & Cleo was developed to be gritty and tough, as the original Isis was supposed to be done for film.
  2. Nadir Balan from Wrath of the Titans designed the characters for Tony & Cleo.
  3. Tony & Cleo appeared in Legend of Isis for a story arch.

Writer: Kenton Daniels and Ken Cottingham

Artist: DaFu Yu

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