Walter Koenig’s Raver

Don’t yell at Norman Walters. He doesn’t deal well with conflict.  A psychotic breakdown follows during which his mind invents bizarre nightmare worlds with real villains and real victims. Evil abounds and requires vanquishing. Toward that end, Norman becomes Raver, a superhero with a caveat: his powers change from one twisted reality to another, to closely mirror but never exceed those of his enemies. If Raver should fail in these grotesque new worlds, Norman Walters wouldn’t get to return to the old warm and fuzzy one. Includes a new adventure!

News and Reviews:

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Fun Facts

  1. This book was originally published by Malibu comics.
  2. Walter Koenig was Pavel Chekov, the navigator for the U.S.S. Enterprise in the original “Star Trek” television series and films.

Writer: Walter Koenig

Artist: David Day, Dan Day and Henry Martinez